Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Interesting Posts and Articles #297

Tznius cult members
  1. This week's Haveil Havalim hosted as Esser Agaroth.
  2. Today there is an 'inyan' of saying parashat Hamon, this Tuesday of parshat Beshalach. See why I am somewhat flippant about this fad.
  3. DovBear feels that choosing the more fantastic of two explanations of Rashi disrespects Rashi, since it discards Rashi's intent. I agree, but can see how people who have very different approaches to understanding Rashi don't see this, such that it is not necessarily disrespect.
  4. Menachem Mendel notes some interesting SMS teshuvot, on women, tefillin, and angels.
  5. A Mother In Israel about a tznius cult in Beit Shemesh.
  6. At Hirhurim, a follow-up post in defense of mezonot rolls. See the earlier Hirhurim post here, and my brief discussion of it here.
  7. Mystical Paths reports on the Tzedakka ATM:
    Very cute, but a very misguided idea, which highlights how this Vaad HaRabbanim charity has segulah-ized tzedaka. Anyway, see Emes veEmunah on this.
  8. Also at Emes veEmunah, Rabbi Maryles considers the impact of blogging to his family.
  9. Here on parshablog, a liver is the heart of Pharaoh, and discussions of the Zohar's antiquity based on the appearance of Rabbi Abba and Rabbi Yesa.

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