Sunday, August 01, 2010

Rabbi Eliezer Berland takes another swing

For those who haven't been following this stuff, tomorrow moshiach is coming. Or at least, the apocalyptic messianic war will begin. To cite Rafi G. from Life in Israel (said tongue-in-cheek)
Will war break out tomorrow? A few months ago, a number of mekubalim, headed by the one of the leading rabbonim of Breslav, Rav Eliezer Berland, predicted that on the 22nd of Av war would break out with Israel.

They exhorted the public to daven to avert the war.

The 22nd of Av is tomorrow (tonight). Will war break out or did we successfully avert the decree with our intense prayer?
Earlier, at Yeranen Yaakov:
According to YNet, Rav Eliezer Berland Shlit"a, one of the elder Breslov rabbis, told his students to travel to Uman and pray for Am Yisrael until the 22nd of Av (the night of August 1st, 2010), which is when war with Iran is supposed to break out.

One of his students said that the rav only meant this to be Mehazeik his students (i.e. to strengthen them in Avodat Hashem) - not that he believes it to be true.
For those of us with short memories, I will remind you that this is not the first apocalyptic messianic prediction from Rabbi Berland, shlita. From July 29th of last year:
Are you still not with me? I don't want to make the doomsday predicitions that the my esteemed friend Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak and the Sefardi Mekubalim are making about what's in store for the Jews on both sides of the ocean from Obama. Whether you believe in the autistics or not, they have blood-chilling forecasts about what's in store for America's Jews. This past week, Rav Eliezer Berland shlit'a said some hair-raising warnings about hostilities that could erupt before Rosh Hashana. We all must make urgent teshuva.
Nothing erupted then. It was just more of the regular fear-mongering that goes on by certain kabbalists. That was a swing and a miss. What about this one?

(As a side-note, this was taken from a post at Lazer-Beams which was taken down. It is easier for the public to believe each subsequent prediction if people get rid of evidence of previous false predictions.)

Of course, he covers all bases here. It could erupt. And here, this year, he knows that it will happen, unless the public davens to avert the war. So if there is no war tomorrow, it must have been that these tefillot have worked. This is then an unfalsifiable prediction. Still, if war doesn't occur tomorrow, I'll try to remember to make a post noting this fact.


Anonymous said...

meir says
i am surprised anyone takes notice of this torah news site.
i have already given my opinion in an earlier post that this is a case of 'yidoni' which is forbidden in the torah and punishable by death.
i may add that 'trofim' of laban which had some kind of life in them were certainly something similar. They have tried for years to get the lottery numbers out of them with no success. So they use them instead for these nefarious purposes.
Nostradarmus, mohammed, dibbuks, FC,nachman kotofa and many others all utilise the same things with the object of leading to idol worship.

Jew said...

this whole page smells of kfirah... oh wait its a litvak page! Sorry...


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