Sunday, November 04, 2007

Further Proof that Messianic Facilitated Communication Is A Crock

As if any were needed.

Now we have the latest:

(בעניין פרסום השיחה עם דניאל)
בנימין: לא כדאי (להוסיף לאתר) שיחות מהפה (שיחה רגילה שלא ע"י תיקשור), כי יש בלבולים (אי הבנה) גדולים בהם, ואדם לא יכול להבין וגם אתה לא יכול להבין. אם ניקח את כל הדיבורים של דניאל, אז אולי אם נדע איך לקשור כל מיני דברים, נבין דברים גדולים, אבל אין לנו את האפשרות הזאת ולכן צריך להשאיר את זה עד שיגיע משיח ובאמת דניאל יפתח את פיו ויגיד דברי תורה.

From DreamingOfMoshiach's translation:
(In the matter of publicizing the conversation with Daniel)
Binyamin: It's not recommended (to add on to the website) verbal conversations (not thru FC communication), because it causes big confusions (misunderstanding). A person cannot understand and neither can you. If we take all Daniel's verbal conversations, we might know how to connect it and have a deeper understand, but it's not possible. Therefore, wait till Moshiach arrives and then Daniel will open his mouth and say Divrei Torah.
Now, it is possible to miss out on the significance of this, so I should explain. They have two autistics, Binyamin and Daniel, working with one facilitator. And people (unclear who, perhaps parents) had verbal communications with Daniel, in which he said various things. They asks the other autistic, via facilitated communication, whether to publish these conversations, and he said not to, because it will cause confusion.

As previously described, a major problem with this facilitated communication is that the facilitator can consciously or subconsciously manipulate the results on the Ouija board they use, directing his own hand grasping the autistic's hand towards the letters that he wants. As such, the message may well come from the facilitator rather than the autistic person. And indeed, many studies showed just this happening, with the autistic person "able" to answer via facilitated communication if the facilitator knew the answer, but answered incorrectly or with nonsense when they facilitator did not.

So we have verbal conversations with the actual autistic person, without input from the facilitator. Quite possibly, the content of these conversations will contradict the content of the facilitated communications, since the content of the latter is actually coming from the facilitator. So when asked, the facilitator, pretending to be Binyamin, the other autistic person, decides that the content of the verbal conversations should not be revealed. Why not? Because they would be too "confusing."



Anonymous said...

FC communication? Is that like PIN number and ATM machine?

Anonymous said...

I find this exploitation sickening!


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