Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Josh The Unwitting Shill

So I don't often give tzedaka to the collectors on Main Street, because I have reason to belief they are not authentic or that they are avoiding paying jobs because collecting charity pays more.

The other day I'm pushing a stroller down Main Street and am asked for some money. I tell him "Sorry," but he asks me for an additional favor. He has a was of bills, 20 dollar bills, 5 dollar bills and singles. He asks me to count the money to tell him how much he has. After parking the stroller, I do so. He asks me to count out 10 singles and give him a 10, and then afterwards, changes this to a request to take the 10 singles and 2 fives and give him a twenty. Then, he asks that I add a twenty of my own, while I am at it. It is a good trick, to get the person to start helping you to create a connection, and then continue to request. I say that I cannot. He asks me to put the 20's on the inside and the singles on the outside, and hand it to him. Actually, there was several exchanges from my hand to his throughout all this.

In the meantime, a bunch of passersby saw a yeshivish-looking guy with a button down shirt and a big black velvet yarmulke interacting with this fellow and handing over lots of money. They may have even taken it as an endorsement. Indeed, a woman passing by gave him a dollar in the middle of this exaggerated, extensive process.


Anonymous said...

There are many classic cons that resolve around confusing someone who is making change for you.

thanbo said...

one for you, one for me.
two for you, one two for me.
three for you, one two three for me.


- B. Bunny


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