Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Spelling Noach With Seven Mistakes

There is a Yiddish expression נח מיט זיבן גרײַזן, Noach with seven mistakes. It seems impossible, given that נֹחַ is a two letter word, and so it conveys the idea of extreme bumbling as a result of ignorance/incompetence.

Here's how you would do it: ןוֹיאָכ
  1. Nun Sofit rather at the start of the word
  2. Cholam Malei rather than chaser
  3. Yud (remember, this is a Yiddish expression, and Noach is thus pronounced Noyach)
  4. Aleph
  5. Kametz rather than patach
  6. Chaf rather than chet.
  7. And it is a chaf rather than chaf sofit
I could add an eighth - you meant to write Shlomo.

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