Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A yerushalmi source for a prohibition of negia

in Yerushalmi Kiddushin 21b (perek 1 halacha 7)

The Mishna had said that in general, men do tenufot (waving of the korban) and women do not, with the exception of the mincha of the sota and nezira. The gemara:
וכהן מניח ידו תחתיה ומניפה
אין הדבר כאור?
מביא מפה
ואינו חוצץ?
מביא כהן זקן
ואפילו תימר כהן ילד
אין יצר הרע מצוי לשעה
תני רבי חייה מצוי
סוטה גידמת שני כהנים מגיפין על ידיה
And the Kohen places his hand under hers and waves it.
And is not this disgraceful?
They bring a cloth {to place between their hands}
And does this not create a chatzitza {which separates his hand, presumably from the pan}?
{Rather} They bring an elderly Kohen.
And you may even say they bring a young Kohen,
For the Evil Inclination is not found for the hour {for a short period, in this extreme situation where she may possibly die.}
Rabbi Chiyya learnt {in a brayta} it {the Evil Inclination} is found.
A Sota who lacks hands, two Kohanim wave on her behalf.
We see from this that negi'a was a significant enough issue that the gemara that they suggest a modification of the procedure of Sota. Note also that there seems to be a consideration of negi'a even though for touching which clearly not derech chibba.

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