Thursday, February 26, 2004

I got some nice stuff at the seforim sale.

I'm soon going to finish the yerushalmi set I get last year from R Chaim Kenievsky - it only had seder zeraim plus shabbos and eruvin. So, I got a nice set of yerushalmi that covers it all. It is with the perush of Yedid Nefesh, {Rabbi Yechiel Bar-Lev}. While more expensive than the other sets, it has some advantages. The other sets just had the regular tzurat hadaf - page image, which is not so easy on the eyes. R Kenievsky's set does not have the standard tzurat hadaf, and so you cannot refer to a specific page in the conventional manner and have people know what you are speaking about, nor do you have access to the traditional commentaries. This new set has the tzurat hadaf on one side, and on the other side the text of the gemara in bold, with the running commentary written in non-bold text between the bold. Which means I can read the large bold text, and stop and read the commentary when I get somewhat stuck.

They also, in an artscrollish fashion, show what portion of text is being commented upon with that gray line along the side of the page with the regular tzurat hadaf. I think I got the last set, but perhaps they are still selling the display set.

{Update: Mostly, one page of commentary corresponds to one page of gemara. Only once or twice does it extend past one page.
Most of the commentary is a cut and paste job from the Pnei Moshe and Korban HaEda, but it is still worth it because the commentary and text of the gemara is much clearer, in larger block text, and is thus easier to read.
There are also many typos in the text of the gemara and commentaries. Many in the gemara seem to be because they cut and pasted from snunit, which has many of the exact same typos there.
You can see much of the gemara and commentary, and even purchase it, on their website.

I also got a set of midrash rabba. I haven't had one, and the one I used to read by my parents was hard to read. Here, they redid the page in a modern, clear font, with all of the standard commentaries also in a readable font. And, they put in nikud for the main text of the midrash.

Also, from Mossad HaRav Kook, Rashi al HaTorah. And, an illustrated Hebrew/English mishnayot Shabbos, to help me understand yerushalmi shabbos.

I think the sale is on until Sunday.

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