Thursday, December 18, 2003

Another perek! And Masechet!

And it ends with an appropriate topical sugya as well. From the very end of yerushalmi terumot, a rough translation:
"May one light שמן שריפה (this is טמא oil which is תרומה) on Chanukka?
In the House of Rabbi Yanai they said 'We may light שמן שריפה on Chanukka.'
Rabbi Nissa said, 'I knew not my father, but my mother told me "Your father said 'One who has no chullin oil may light with שמן שריפה on Chanukka.' " ' "

Rav Chaim Kanievsky explains the question as whether a Yisrael may light, because there is but the hana`ah of the mitzvah, and מצוות לאו ליהנות ניתנו, mitzvot were not given for hanaah, so one is not in violation of improper benefit if the only benefit is the mitzvah.

This tells me (though would have to look into it more extensively) that perhaps you should not use שמן שריפה for the shammas. There are two purposes for the shammas - one, to light the other candles, and two, so that you don't use the light of the rest of the candles for personal benefit. The shammas is thus there for the personal benefit rather than benefit of the mitzvah.

הדרן עלך אין נותנין דבילה!
וסליקא לה מסכת תרומות!!!!!!!!

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