Wednesday, August 20, 2003

A perek!

Hadran Alach Keitzad MeAbrin! (5th perek eruvin, bavli)

I did not actually finish the prakim up to the fifth. I was in the middle of the 1st, actually, on Thursday, when the blackout hit. I learn usually on the way to and from work. I was not going to carry the Artscroll with me as I waled from Manhatten to Kew Gardens Hills, so I left it at work. At my parents' house, there was the second volume of Artscroll Eruvin, so I picked up from there, and it starts from the first perek.

The Artscroll continues to be a draw for strangers. As I was getting off the 3 train at 42nd Street today, a lady asked me if this was the Talmud. I told her yes, and added that it it is in Hebrew but with an English translation. She said she wished I had been sitting next to her (so that she could have read over my shoulder).

There is an incredible thirst for knowledge out that, that is not being filled.

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