Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Interesting Posts and Articles #271

  1. This week's Haveil Havalim, hosted at Writes Like She Talks
  2. In the Jewish Star, witness tampering charged in an abuse case. The unfortunate result when overeager people misunderstand and misapply the din of moser.
  3. At Life In Israel, residents of Meah Shearim file a complaint about an illegally-operating slaughterhouse, where he once shechted some chickens:

    I personally have shechted chickens in this slaughterhouse. A long time ago, when I was learning shechita, one of the places we arranged to go shecht in was this slaughterhouse. I seem to remember then that it was already closed for business, and it took some "protexia" for the guy who arranged it to get us access to this place.

    This slaughterhouse was small and a dump. Not because it was run down and filthy, at least not more than any of the other structures in the area, but because it was small and by the nature of its layout was not conducive to a clean environment. I remember we had about 15 guys shechting, and each person was shechting about 10 chickens. Then we cleaned and gutted the chickens, and kashered them as well. The place was disgusting by the time we were done, and the smell was horrendous, though we were already immersed in it and used to it - but when we stepped outside for some air and then came back in, it would hit us.
  4. Rabbi Slifkin gets an advanced degree, a masters in Jewish Studies. Mazal Tov! And he discusses his path from yeshiva to academia.
  5. The smudged Hebrew words at the edge are:Here at parshablog, discussing and identifying Rav Yaakov Emden's Eight-Legged Camel.

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