Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #112

  1. Frum Satire has a rant on kiddush levana, and wonders whether it is OK to skip to the end to get the "Shalom Aleichem" parts.

  2. The New York Times on a report on how the online threat to children is overblown. And separately, how in the Peanuts comic strip, the musical notes played by Schroeder were real notes, and add meaning to the strips.

  3. SerandEz and Wolfish Musings on an ad about the threats of giving an IPod to one's child.

  4. The LA Times: Martyrdom beckons Lebanese teen, but she really wants to direct:
    Aspiring filmmaker Hiba Qassir is about to graduate from a Hezbollah-backed high school. She loves movies, but would give up her career dream if offered the chance to be a suicide bomber.
  5. Woman blames Dell for causing her to miss online classes, by giving her Ubuntu and then encouraging her to keep it.

  6. Kallah Magazine: At what age is a woman giving birth not noteworthy as a miracle? Discussing the famous Ibn Ezra vs. Ramban on this, but bringing in Ralbag.

  7. From Israel Matzav: Palestinian doctor's daughter may have pieces of Grad rocket in her head.

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