Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #111

  1. A new law, which will empty library shelves of children's books, because they haven't been tested for lead:

    From the sweeping language of the law, it appears Congress left them no choice. The Act covers any “consumer product designed or intended primarily for children 12 years of age and younger.”

    “Consider for a minute that a twelve-year-old is a junior high school student,” says Adler. “This is not somebody who is likely to be chewing or sucking on a book.”

  2. A politically correct jury?

  3. Material Maidel on rude things people do at the Shabbos table. With an interesting issue of people drinking kiddush wine before passing it out.

  4. Is the flu shot targeting the wrong strain, this year?

  5. The gift of the Magi, the sequel?

  6. Hirhurim has a post by Rabbi Michael Broyde about child conversions.

  7. Rabin, scoffing at the Likud scare tactics claiming that there would be missiles shot into Israel from Gaza" (ht: Life In Israel)

  8. Also from Life In Israel: A link to a destroy the Kassam game. And "Rav Steinman, the general, and Arab workers."

  9. On bombing civilians during war, in the course of attacking Hamas, by Rav Aviner.

  10. Three rockets from Lebanon hit northern Israel.

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