Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voter Intimidation by Black Panthers? And More Election News

  1. See here:

  2. Also, according to YNet, Obama made secret promises to Palestinians. But that is contested:
    The sources said that during a recent meeting with Obama, the two Palestinian leaders "heard the best things they ever heard from an American president."

    According to the report, the Democratic senator told Abbas and Fayyad that he "supports the rights of the Palestinians to east Jerusalem, as well as their right to a stable, sovereign state", but asked them to keep the remarks a secret.

    Dennis Ross, a key advisor to Obama on foreign policy, denied the report outright. "As someone who was present in Senator Obama’s meeting with the Palestinian leadership, I can state definitively that there were no secret commitments made, and no discussion of Jerusalem whatsoever. This report is false,” his statement said.

Update: Here's another video, this time from earlier, of the black panther guy with the nightstick:


Andy Levy-Stevenson said...

What, they didn't have time to carve a backwards "B" into anyone's face?

Republicans, and Fox: It's over guys, you lost ... there's no point in making up any more scary Obama stories. Get over it.

joshwaxman said...

I disbelieved the backwards B from the start, and Michelle Malkin criticized it as well.

The police came and they took away the guy with the nightstick, though the other black panther guy is still hanging around there, according to the story. Don't like it? Fine. Perhaps it will be debunked, perhaps not. But I suspect you disbelieve it purely because of your politics, and were it reversed, you would swallow it whole. That is most unfortunate.

All the best,

Michael P. said...

For a reliable non-partisan site on voting problems see here .

joshwaxman said...



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