Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #92

  1. On the sheitel front, a post at Geulah Perspectives showing how modern poskim, even in Israel, are reacting to Rav Kanievsky's "new" psak:
    Then a relative of mine who is engaged calls me. She is about to buy her first sheitel and her chosson, who is learning in Yerushalayim calls, telling her that perhaps she should not buy one because Rav Elyashiv just came out against them! Both I and she agreed that she should call her rav, a posek in Yerushalayim.

    So she calls Rav Katz (name changed) and he says that she should absolutely still buy a sheitel! First of all, he asked her if she knows of any rabbonim whose wives wear sheitels. Her response was summarily affirmative. He also asked her if she waits six hours between eating yellow cheese and eating meat. She responded in the negative. He told her that Rav Elyashiv has many stringencies that are not per se accepted universally, and she need not worry.
    It is unfortunate that the name is changed. This is a legitimate psak, and there is nothing to be ashamed of, or really afraid of. Unless someone is afraid of negative repercussions for that posek, in terms of repercussions? But on the other hand, if it lets rabbanim still pasken as they see fit without making a federal case about it, it is a good thing.

    However, I do not believe the distinction he makes regarding autistics and psak is entirely correct. He writes:
    The bottom line of this discussion is that whether an autist says something or lehavdil a gadol says something, it is a good idea to take note and take it seriously. In the end, Hashem guides us individually through the rabbonim that we choose to turn to for personal guidance. Whether the question is if the pot has become treif, or if the sheitel has become treif, whether we should move to Israel, or we should move around the block, we need guidance from those who know the Will of Hashem and they are our Rabbonim.
    First off, a prophet is not to issue psak on the basis of nevuah, and this is evidence of a false prophet. Secondly, the message of the autistics on this issue is specifically to ignore the rabbonim. And that they are not issuing psak where others argue (hah!) but rather are explaining the plain facts of the matter, that any rabbi issuing psak against what they say is entirely misunderstanding sources and is illegitimate, such that one should not listen to him. So if one wants to assume this correct position of elu ve'elu, where individual rabbonim are free to pasken in this matter, one is almost compelled to the (equally correct) position that the autistics are not really prophets, but that it is all (accidental) fakery and self-delusion.

  2. Ancient beehives found in Israel, from around 900 BCE. A land of milk and honey, with bee honey rather than date honey? It is strange to have a beekeeping industry in a developed city.

    Related, the people across the community drive from my in-laws (presumably illegally) imported a beehive. It made for a very interesting Succot.

  3. OnTheMainLine is back! With a new post about the Collectio Davidis.

  4. Geulah Perspectives has another post about lines in Lakewood to get a passport. And Shirat Devorah has a post encouraging people to get theirs. The idea is not that everyone there is planning on leaving America because Obama became president. But they are afraid of events to develop, and if the country suddenly becomes toxic for Jews, they want to make sure the passports of all their family members are current.

  5. Wolfish Musings wonders how God can debate whether to allow Yishmael to live, if He previously made such a promise to Avraham and Hagar to make a great nation.

  6. As a followup to the previous post about Barack Hussein Obama as the Antichrist (heh), Joel Gallis and Robert Wolf on the Tamar Yonah show. I emailed Tamar my question about the how talking about the Antichrist sounds Christian, and what their basis is. And she asks it to the them at the 27:30 mark. (Thanks!) They evade the question, IMHO, and just cast it as being Gog, who works against the aims that mashiach is going to try to acheive. She then proceeds to ask them based on DreamingOfMoshiach's post, showing that in response to every seven letters spelling Obama, every second letter spells Bush.

    I think it is dangerous, at the least, to make so much out of Torah codes and gematrias. The end result is that

  7. The New York Times about how MGM is to post full movies on YouTube, free. Nice.

  8. Bionic legs made for walking, to help workers in factories, who work in a standing or crouching position for a long time. See the video demonstration as well.

  9. The Washington posts checks their coverage and determines that they indeed favored Obama throughout the campaign.

  10. In the Five Towns Jewish Times, Rabbi Yair Hoffman on Font Errors, related to misunderstandings in halacha. Also, recently we reached the gemara about acquiring an elephant, and return to the question that elephants cannot jump (based on Tosafot who explains the gemara in terms of them jumping). In the Five Towns Jewish Times, there is a reprise of it, by Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow. See also my post from 2005 where I argue that Tosafot is correct in interpreting the gemara, but it is the gemara which is incorrect.

  11. Hirhurim notes the newly declared Kashrus states of Budweiser beer, after a scare. The the CrC website, which has an overview and a detailed explanation.

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