Monday, November 17, 2008

Daf Yomi Kiddushin 32b: Fear vs. See

A quick idea.
Kiddushin 32b:

יכול יעצים עיניו ממנו כדי שלא יראהו תלמוד לומר תקום ויראת דבר המסור ללב נאמר בו ויראת
Perhaps he may shut his eyes from him so that he does not see him {and thus does not need to rise up}? Therefore it informs us takum - veyareita {stand up... and you shall fear}. Something which is given over to the heart is stated about it veyareita.
Forgetting about the whole derasha about דבר המסור ללב. Rather, just as immediately above they used the juxtaposition of תקום והדרת, here it is using the juxtaposition of תקום ויראת. And it does not mean yirah, fear, but rather is an instruction to see. Thus, כדי שלא יראהו is ruled out.
A quick idea --


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Sorry, that was a mistaken post above. I just wanted to say I think that is a very good read of the ראה ירא thing going on with yareita and reiya - good pshat!


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