Sunday, December 17, 2006

Administrative: The Best of Parshablog

Parshablog is unwieldy, in its interface and excess of posts. I'd like to move to blogger beta, to take advantage of new features (such as labels), but I think some of the unwieldiness is holding me back.

And so I'm now going through the archives of parshablog, in order to select the best and cull the rest. I'm posting it to what is for now called TestParsha. The move of actual blog name is saved for later, if this works out.


Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

not sure i understand... are you deleting old posts? please don't do that!

(and how come the sidebar still says matot/mas‘ei?

Anonymous said...

how come all the older posts are now crossed out?

joshwaxman said...

I plan on keeping this under a different name. Just cutting and pasting the non-junky posts to another blog and then doing a mutual rename. still not sure I'm gonna do it.

it's possible I forgot to close a del tag (the modern equivalent of a strike tag). Thanks for the heads up. I'll check it out.
Is it that you see a strike-through, or are posts not coming up? (now I'm getting that error in IE).
I used the strike tab to visually cross out something which is incorrect, and I wanted to make that clear to people while still keeping a history of what I had written.

Anonymous said...

It's just that the side bar and everything pre 12/15/06 has the strikethrogh, at least that's what i see. could be a problem with my machines. I know that with other blogs I've sometimes seen things differently than others. Check for yourself

Anonymous said...

Yes, i use IE

joshwaxman said...

thanks, I just reproduced it. must have forgotten an end del tag.


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