Monday, March 05, 2012

Megillah reading times for Kew Gardens Hills

I see people are coming to this old post, and therefore might end up with the wrong times.

For the 2013 year, the times are here:

Old post crossed out below.

Someone forwarded me this:
Dear Friends:
Attached is the list of times for Megillah readings and Mincha times in the Kew Gardens Hills area. If you are receiving this message from one of the email groups in digest format, and therefore do not have the attachment, please follow this link to download the list:
Thank you very much to everyone that had submitted times which enabled me to compile this list.
Please feel free to print (and reprint) the list for your shul, send it to your members via e-mail, or post it on your shul's website. I am sure many people will find it helpful and beneficial.
My apologies if any of the times are incorrect or if your shul did not make the list. If you have any corrections, additional times or shuls, please feel free to post to this group.
The list is sorted first by night/day and then by time.
Have a Freilechen Purim!!

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