Friday, February 04, 2011

Eruv down in Forest Hills and Kew Gardens; The Kew Gardens Hills eruv is up!

Received via email from the rabbi of Etz Chaim:
Dear Friends,
I have received a communication from the Vaad HaRabbonim that the Eruv for Kew Gardens and Forest Hills is down for this Shabbos.
They do not yet know about our Eruv in Kew Gardens Hills, and suggest checking with YI of Queens Valley after 12 noon.  If I get more info, I will send it along.
Moshe Rosenberg
The phone number for the Kew Gardens Hills eruv is: (718) 263-3921

They don't know yet, but I will update if I get the chance.

Update: In the comment section, Ezzie writes that it is up in Kew Gardens Hills. Indeed, I called the eruv hotline, and they said that it was inspected and found to be intact.


UpdateNew York Hospital/Queens (Booth) reports its is also down.


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